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New Leadership Alliance for Student Learning and Accountability  Site Reviews(0)
The Alliance, an advocacy-focused organization, will lead and support voluntary and cooperative efforts to move the higher education community towards gathering, reporting on, and using evidence to improve student learning in American undergraduate education. The Alliance envisions a self-directed, professional higher education community that produces an increasing number of college graduates with high quality degrees in preparation for work, life, and responsible citizenship. Through the promotion of shared principles, recommended actions, and innovative initiatives, the Alliance aims: To shape attitudes, practices, and policies related to gathering, reporting on, and using evidence to improve student learning. To promote the establishment of new professional norms for gathering, reporting on, and using evidence of student learning. To increase public confidence in the quality of undergraduate education provided by American colleges and universities.
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Teaching, Learning and Technology  Site Reviews(0)
The TLT Group is a not-for-profit that helps college and university educators take advantage of changing technology so they can improve teaching and learning. Newer, better, faster technology doesn’t automatically lead to better learning and teaching. That’s why the TLT Group believes in approaching technology "people first." With over ten years of experience, we’ve helped hundreds of colleges and universities use and adapt to technology in ways that support teaching and learning, value the time and experience of staff and faculty and make the most of tight budgets and resources.
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University of Lethbridge Research  Site Reviews(0)
Since the University of Lethbridge’s founding in 1967, students have worked alongside professors, engaging in research, discovery and creativity. Today, the U of L is recognized as a research-intensive university with a focus on both undergraduate and graduate education. In less than half a century, the U of L has built an outstanding record of research performance, and is one of Canada’s top-three undergraduate research universities (RE$EARCH Infosource, 2013). What makes the U of L one of Canada’s most influential research universities? The U of L’s research portfolio has built strategically, over time and with support throughout the university. Today, we are home to a number of centres and institutes, and world-class faculty members who consistently demonstrate that they are among the best researchers in Canada. At the U of L, we do not see teaching and research as distinct entities. We cultivate a learning environment where teachers are researchers, and researchers are teachers. Our acclaimed faculty members bring their research into the classroom, and they actively engage students in research opportunities that foster the next generation of researchers. Each day, their work brings new light to problems and possibilities, and the results of their efforts extend well beyond campus and impact communities across Alberta and around the world.
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Canadian University Boards Association  Site Reviews(0)
The Canadian University Boards Association was formed in 1987 as a forum for discussion among the governing boards of member institutions. The association exists to improve the governance of Canadian universities by providing a forum for members of governing boards and board professionals to exchange of information about effective governance in higher education. The association promotes and supports the development of policies and programs that enhance the ability of university boards to discharge their fiduciary duties in an accountable way. The association holds an annual conference for board chairs, vice chairs and board professionals each spring. The annual general meeting is also held at that time. CUBA/ACCAU is a fully bilingual organization with representation from universities in all regions of Canada, and holds associate membership with the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) ( . Membership is available to institutions that are full members of AUCC.
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Academic Ranking of  Site Reviews(0)

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Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance  Site Reviews(0)

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