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Publishing Educational Research: Guidelines and Tips  Site Reviews(0)

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Punctuation Made Simple  Site Reviews(0)

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Putting Learning at the Centre of the Web  Site Reviews(0)

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Publishers' Directories  Site Reviews(0)
An annotated listing of various publishers' directories online. Includes listings of North American academic publishers, Canadian publishers, and a collection of over 6000 publishers' catalogues worldwide. Part of the Robarts Reference Department's Virtual Ready Reference Desk.
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Presenters University  Site Reviews(0)

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Postsecondary Governance Structure Database  Site Reviews(0)
This database is a revised version of the 1997 State Postsecondary Structures Sourcebook, which has been transformed into a user-friendly interactive database with information about the postsecondary governance structures in each state. From this database, you can generate profiles of individual state postsecondary governance structures, comparisons of states’ postsecondary governance structures and predetermined reports on state postsecondary governance structures.
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Progress of Education Reform  Site Reviews(0)

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Public's Library and Digital Archive.  Site Reviews(0)
Home to one of the largest "collections of collections" on the Internet, is a conservancy of freely available information, including software, music, literature, art, history, science, politics, and cultural studies. is a collaboration of the Center for the Public Domain and The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. It's Not Your Average Library The evolving Internet has created new opportunities to share knowledge. Imagine being able to walk into your local library and view, on demand, and without charge, not only every imaginable written text, but also music and poetry archives, African American authors, American history, sports statistics, philosophy of religion, Italian literature, large text database projects, software archives, and more.
Added: Apr 27, 2005  Last Update: Apr 27, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 62
Pressure Points in Student Fiancial Assistance  Site Reviews(0)
The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation was established in 1998 to promote access to post-secondary education through the provision of bursaries to needy students. To do this effectively, the Foundation launched a research program on financial challenges facing post-secondary students. EKOS Research Associates was hired to study the overall picture of education financing, including student expenditures, sources of income and debt, and how students’ financial circumstances affect access to post-secondary education. EKOS’s findings were published by the Foundation in March of 2003 in a report called Making Ends Meet: The 2001–2002 Student Financial Survey. That report focuses specifically on the income and expenditures of students, and does not try to capture what others spend on their behalf, such as the “in-kind” support of room and board that students living at home receive. It contains valuable information on students’ socio-demographic, education and employment profiles, expenses, and sources of financial support both during school and over the summer. However, the Foundation felt the data EKOS gathered had the potential to be even more useful to administrators. This report explores the data using Canada Student Loans Program definitions and categories to identify additional information for analysis, and the policy implications inherent in the reformatted data. Recommendations on forming questions for further surveys, which would use those definitions, are included.
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Project Muse  Site Reviews(0)
Currently, Project MUSE® offers nearly 250 quality journal titles from 40 scholarly publishers. As one of the academic community's primary electronic journals resources, Project MUSE covers the fields of literature and criticism, history, the visual and performing arts, cultural studies, education, political science, gender studies, economics, and many others. Project MUSE is setting the standard for scholarly electronic journals in the humanities and social sciences. At this time, Project MUSE subscriptions are available only to institutions.
Added: May 22, 2005  Last Update: May 22, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 24
Prime Minister's Award for Teaching Excellence  Site Reviews(0)

Added: Aug 1, 2005  Last Update: Aug 1, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 30
Psychology Online  Site Reviews(0)
Psychnet of the American Psychological Association provides access to journals in psychology, the APA Monitor, and to a database of abstracts on over 1,350 scholarly journals.
Added: Aug 7, 2005  Last Update: Aug 7, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 28
Post-Secondary International Network  Site Reviews(0)
The purpose of the Postsecondary International Network (PIN) is to improve and expand the means by which the technical/community further education college serves its own community, and recognizing the community's place in an international setting. The goals of PIN are: 1. To provide an international forum for studying critical issues that affect postsecondary education; 2. To improve curricula to prepare students to live in a global society; 3. To facilitate communications among areas of administration, curriculum, instructional methods, faculty, staff and student services; 4. To provide an opportunity for networking and exchange for staff members; and to cooperate in arrangements for international visits; 5. To share information about international contacts among PIN members; 6. To share information about other agencies and associations that have similar interests; and 7. To work in partnership with other PIN members in the delivery of programs and to involve the private sector.
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Peter Russell Mind Mapping  Site Reviews(0)
Mind maps were developed in the late 60s by Tony Buzan as a way of helping students make notes that used only key words and images. They are much quicker to make, and because of their visual quality much easier to remember and review. The non-linear nature of mind maps makes it easy to link and cross-reference different elements of the map.
Added: Sep 6, 2005  Last Update: Sep 6, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 29
Peterson's: Colleges and Universities  Site Reviews(0)
This site has information about colleges and universities, career schools, graduate programs, distance learning, executive training, private secondary schools, summer opportunities, study abroad, financial aid, test preparation, and career exploration.
Added: Sep 30, 2005  Last Update: Sep 30, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 22
PBS - Adult Learning Service  Site Reviews(0)
As part of PBS, the Adult Service Learning Center licenses educational program rights to colleges, universities, and other organizations. Includes more than 100 telecourses and over 25 courses with some Web-based component.
Added: Sep 30, 2005  Last Update: Sep 30, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 26
Pathways to College Network  Site Reviews(0)
The Pathways to College Network, an alliance of national organizations including AACC, has issued a challenge to leaders and stakeholders in education to increase their efforts to make a college education a realistic goal for all Americans. A Shared Agenda: A Leadership Challenge to Improve College Access and Success outlines specific actions leaders can take to advance college access and success for the many underserved students in this country. To download the report, or find out more, visit the Pathways to College Network website.
Added: Sep 30, 2005  Last Update: Sep 30, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 38
Preparing a Curriculum Vitae  Site Reviews(0)
A resume is a resume is a resume…Despite the fancy name, a Curriculum Vitae is simply a specific sort of resume, the style of which is preferred by candidates for medical, academic, teaching, and research positions. What are some differences between a general resume and a Curriculum Vitae?
Added: Nov 7, 2005  Last Update: Nov 7, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 81
Pathway to Prosperity  Site Reviews(0)
We face competition from growing economies like India and China and many Canadian jobs are being outsourced overseas. Rapidly changing technology is making many of today's work skills obsolete. At the same time, we face a shortage of skilled workers as more workers retire. Canada's First Ministers and Prime Minister Paul Martin will be discussing these issues soon and it is critical that their conversation is informed and is focused on making changes that will benefit the economy and all Canadian workers. We need your input - your thoughts and ideas about the challenges ahead. Please read the attached discussion paper and take a few moments to answer the three questions at the end of the document. The results from this consultation will be presented to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and Prime Minister Martin.
Added: Nov 11, 2005  Last Update: Nov 11, 2005  Category: P    Hits Out: 64
Purdue Scholar Browse Research adn Scholarship  Site Reviews(0)
Browse research and scholarship by research unit, center, or department journals and peer-reviewed series theses and dissertations. The repository is a service of the Purdue Libraries libraries. Research and scholarly output included here has been selected and deposited by the individual university departments and centers on campus.
Added: Jun 15, 2006  Last Update: Jun 15, 2006  Category: P    Hits Out: 45
Peterson's  Site Reviews(0)
Prepare for your test. Find the right school. Explore financial aid. Advance your career.
Added: Mar 23, 2006  Last Update: Mar 23, 2006  Category: P    Hits Out: 30
Purdue University Libraries Research Guides  Site Reviews(0)
Learn about the various libraries and units on campus and become aquainted with the numerous electronic resources and services available to the Purdue community.
Added: Jun 15, 2006  Last Update: Jun 15, 2006  Category: P    Hits Out: 65
Parade of Games  Site Reviews(0)
The Parade of Games was created to provide educators and trainers with easy-to- assemble educational games in a technology- enhanced environment to support key learning points. The site demonstrates the creative use of popular game shows and other familiar games to reinforce learning. Educators and trainers can select and download those PowerPoint games that support your learning objectives and are compatible with the technology capabilities of your learning environment. We hope you enjoy the site and we welcome your feedback.
Added: Mar 31, 2007  Last Update: Mar 31, 2007  Category: P    Hits Out: 33
Plunkett Research Online     Site Reviews(0)
Plunkett Research offers business intelligence, industry trends, statistics, market research, sales leads & corporate profiles in your choice of formats and access plans.
Added: Mar 16, 2007  Last Update: Mar 16, 2007  Category: P    Hits Out: 18
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