Reference Shelf

On this page you will find papers and references of topical interest that may help you on your Doctoral Journey. You will be able to download many of the papers directly from this page. If the title is underlined, simply place the cursor on the title, right click and select "save as". If you find any papers that you think may be helpful to others, please email them to Dr. Joe Mior, your Webmaster.

ACATTO A New Charter for Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario
ACAATO Ontario’s Colleges for the 21st Century: Capacity and Charter
ACC CLFDB Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Consultation: Canada's Colleges Respond
ACC Renewing Student Assistance in Canada II (Key Elements)
ACC The Student Assistance Reform Intiative
Blackburn, R and Lawrence, J. (Reviewed by M. Skolnik)
Bates. A.W. Restructuring the University for Technological Change
Bennis, Warren On Becoming Leader - Summary Notes
Campus Computing Project The Continuing Challenge of Instructional Integration and User Support
Carlson, Robert Malcolm Knowles: Apostle of Andragogy
Carnevale, A. Community Colleges and Career
Close, Richard e-learning and Knowledge Technology: Changing the Way We Learn
Creative Research Systems Correlation: The Survey System
DeMauro, Karen Building Alliances with Private Industry
Donner Arthur Measuring Graduation and Attrition at Ontario Colleges
Foot, David Boomers blow up census
Foot, David Wired for ... what?
Foot, David Canadian education: demographic change and future challenge
Foot, David Demographic trends in Canada 1996 - 2006: implications for the private and public sectors
Gallagher, P. and Dennison, J.D. (1995). Canada's Community College Systems: A Study of Diversity, Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 19(5), 381-394
Goodmurphy, Michael Andragogical and pedagogical differences relative
to their interfacing with internet resources
Julius, D. Determinants of Administrative Effectiveness:
Why Some Academic Leaders Are More Influential and Effective
Than Others
Kaufman, David Three Approaches to Cooperative Learning in Higher Education
Lang, Daniel How working boards work - a working paper
Marcinkiewicz, Henryk Implementation Strategies: Will Teachers Use Educational Computing?
Ontario Ministry of Education Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Basic Documents 1967
Polonsky, Gary Coaching/Mentoring Summary
Pyper R. & Belanger, C. Adult learns and success factors: a case study
Quick, Don Community College Faculty Develoment: Bringing Technology into Instruction
Richardson, Viriginia Constructivist Pedagogy
Schleich, David Basic Dennison (Summary)
Sheridan, Elise Dennison: Ethics and Values in the Management of Community Colleges (Summary)
Skolnik, Michael The Relationship of the community college to other providers of postsecondary education in Canada and implications for policy
Skolnik, M. and Jones, G. Arrangements for Coordination Between University and College Sectors in Canadian Provinces (Summary)
Skolnik, Michael Why Ontario universities should welcome the academic enhancement of the colleges of applied arts and technology
Skolnik, Michael The Community College Baccalaureate: Its Meaning and Implications for the Organization of Postsecondary Education, the Mission and Character of the Community College, and the Bachelor's Degree
Skolnik, Michael Does structure matter?
Skolnik, Michael Ontario Community Colleges and change (Sisco Address 2002)
Skolnik, Michael Post-secondary education in Canada: thinking 10 years into the future
Skolnik, Michael Some Thoughts on the Meaning of and Values that Influence Degree Recognition in Canada Word Format PDF Format
Steele, K. D. Tolerance and Neutrality in the University (Summaries)
Stevens, Paul Bottom Up Succession Planning Works Better
Stanyon, Wendy Comprehensive Exams - "One Pagers"
Thomas, G. (1997) "What's the Use of Theory", Harvard Educational Review 67(1), 73-104.
Everything you ever wanted to know about the meaning of the word "theory", and perhaps more.
Treviranus, J & Coombs. N Bridging the Digital Divide in Higher Education
Tronie, R. Public Community College Faculty
University of Toronto CCLP Comprehensive Exam 2000
University of Toronto Ethical Conduct in Research
University of Toronto Informed Consent
Urdan, T. Corporate E-Learning : Exploring a New Frontier
Vigil Laden, Berta Ontario's Colleges: Looking Ahead to 2015 and Turning 50 (Download PowerPoint)
Vigil Laden, Berta Ontario's Colleges: Looking Ahead to 2015 and Turning 50
(View online in PowerPoint)
Vigil Laden, Berta Ontario's Colleges: Looking Ahead to 2015 and Turning 50
Vigil Laden, Berta Lessons from the assesment of a summer workshop for ABD students